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What type of Bed Protection is best for me?

How to protect the truck bed is a common and important question for the truck owner.  While all of the products here provide protection for the interior of the truck bed, they have different features and strengths that can make one better than another.

Our staff is very knowledgeable and will assist you in finding the right bed protection for your truck.  At each Tri-County location our staff will help determine your needs, explain your different choices and find the product that meets those needs.

Bed Mats

Price $-$$

Using a bed mat was one of the earliest methods of truck bed protection.  A bed mat will cover the floor of the truck bed, but not the truck’s walls or wheel wells.  Bed mats work well for truck owners who carry limited cargo, want to keep their cargo from sliding in the truck bed and don’t need protection for the truck’s walls and wheel wells.

For many years, bed mats were only available in a rubber material.  The rubber bed mats from Tri-County are made from a heavy, premium rubber, reinforced with sturdy fibre for exceptional toughness and durability.  The mats are a custom molded fit with a knobby underside promoting air flow and drainage to help keep the truck bed dry.

In addition to the rubber mat, Tri-County now offers the BedRug Mat.  The BedRug mat protects the same area as a traditional rubber mat, but is made from 100% polypropylene. The BedRug Mat will withstand exterior use and has a closed cell foam floor that will not absorb water. The mat looks like carpet and provides an ultra tough surface that is resistant to bleach, oil and even battery acid.

The BedRug Mat is soft to the touch, easy on the knees, and protects the bed from any impact damage.  The carpet-like texture also prevents cargo from sliding or shifting during transportation.

Polyethylene Bed Liners

Price $$

Polyethylene Plastic bed liners remain one of the most popular methods to protect the entire truck bed.  Plastic bed liners provide excellent impact and scratch protection for the bed of the truck and the tailgate.

The Rugged Liner bed liner offered by Tri-County has proven design features.  The Rugged Liner features patented front corners, ribbed construction to prevent water pooling and molded 2x4 inserts to permit two-tiered stacking.

Both the rubber mat and the BedRug Mat are available to use with the plastic bed liners to provide a more non-slip and padded floor surface.

BedRug Bed Liner

Price $$$

The BedRug Bed Liner is similar to the BedRug mat, but covers and protects the entire inside of the truck bed and tailgate.  The BedRug Bed Liner works well for the truck owner that needs full bed protection, wants a non-slip surface for their cargo, wants great looks and a surface that is easy on their knees.

The BedRug Bed Liner has a ¾” foam floor that is custom designed to fit the truck bed ribs and wall contours. The Bed Liner is 100% polypropylene and will not absorb water.  The material is resistant to bleach, oil and battery acid.

BedTred Bed Liner

Price $$$$

When you see the BedTred liner for the first time, you may think you are looking at a spray-in liner.  The BedTred is custom formed to fit the contour of the bed and maintains the original shape and features of the truck bed.  The BedTred Bed Liner works well for the truck owner that wants full bed protection and a non-slip surface without the prep and permanent installation of a spray-in liner. Unlike a spray-in liner, the BedTred can be removed and installed in your next truck.

The BedTred provides dent & cargo protection and its textured, anti-skid surface prevents cargo from sliding.  The thick foam and non-woven fiber backing prevents damage and will not scratch your truck bed.

Spray-In Liners

Price $$$$-$$$$$

Spray-in bed liners have become a very popular method for protecting the truck bed.  The spray-in liner preserves the contour and design features of the truck bed.  A spray-in also prevents scratches and protects the underlying sheet metal from the elements.

The Line-X spray-in liner has a less rubbery, more durable surface that is permanently bonded to the truck and is chemical and corrosion resistant.  This type of bed protection can be advantageous when the bed is being left uncovered or when an in-bed hitch (fifth wheel, gooseneck hitch) is being installed.